Greetings, fellow traveller!

My bare feet on a Budapest bus

I haven’t much since, but I spent most of September 2012 wandering the streets of Budapest barefoot. “Tread softly…”

This is the website for my web/graphic design business, Designs On Your Future.  I’m Jonathan Hobdell and I’m based in Douglas on the Isle of Man.  I’m rapidly learning web design (HTML5 and CSS3), graphic design (logo sprint and Adobe Illustrator), social media management and business presentation.  I sincerely hope that this will be my future, in which case, you can expect a self-designed WordPress theme before too long, and maybe an upgrade to WordPress Premium, if not a stand-alone site.

This is a guidance page, just in case I’ve made things too complicated for my own good (if I have, do PLEASE drop me a quick line using the contact form below, and let me know).

All of the navigation buttons are actually drop-down menus:

  • From About, you can navigate to finding out more about me or the business itself
  • From Portfolio, you can view examples of my graphic design or web design work
  • From Business, you can view my posts on business topics
  • From Life, you can see some of my digital pick-me-ups and personal entries
  • And the Contact Me page…I’ll let you discover on your own!

And whether you’re a fellow designer, a fan, a friend, a stranger or a critic, I would love to hear from you!

Blessings on your own journey.

– Jonathan


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