My blog started as a record of my journey into graphic design but has become a reflection of my journey into myself, seeking to heal the wounds and calm the storms that I find there.

My bare feet on a Budapest bus

I haven’t much since, but I spent most of September 2012 wandering the streets of Budapest barefoot. “Tread softly…”

There is much that I have written here before, but at present I will primarily direct you to my growing “portfolio” of writings based on the wisdom and teachings of Christianity, yoga and Buddhism (choose the category “Wisdom” in the drop-down box on the right).


– Jonathan

*Being of Indian descent, I feel more justified than most in using this word, for whatever reason but in any case, I admire the beauty of this greeting.  My favourite translation / definition of its meaning is, “I honour the Holy One that lives within you.”

We each hold a spark of the divine within us – every major religion teaches this in some form – so to dishonour another being is to dishonour ourselves, our purpose and our Creator.


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